We live our lives at 100km/h. Our gear needs to keep up.

Our EDC sling bags are purpose-built to help you keep up with your fast paced life, whether you're at work, travelling, or simply exploring your local city.

Crafted from premium, durable, and sustainable materials, they are optimised for efficient organisation and easy access to your essentials. Your belongings will never be more than a finger-flex away, and always well-protected.

Wander wherever, whatever the weather.

Waste is a misplaced resource.

We Collect waste.

Challenging the prevailing idea that waste is a problem to be managed or disposed of, our perspective aligns with the principles of the circular economy, which aim to minimise waste and maximise resource use.

Shop to make an impact

The amount of plastic manufactured and used today is at an all-time high, but only 10% of that plastic is currently recycled. The rest either ends up in our oceans and the environment, or is burned, polluting the air.

Working with our fabric supplier, we collect plastic waste from oceans, rivers, and coastlines. Then we turn it into sustainable products that keep you at the top of your game in today's fast-paced world; a tangible impact is made to solve the ocean plastic crisis.

The ocean plastic project

We've taken big steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our e-commerce deliveries. 

We calculate emissions for each order and donate part of our earnings to trusted carbon removal companies, endorsed by Carbon Direct. 

These companies use the funds to offset the carbon emissions from our shipments and invest in advanced carbon removal methods.

Our climate commitment

Our responsibilities.

To make ethical purchases and invest in a variety of regenerative resources that support and maintain plant and animal life: biodiversity can be protected and restored.

Shop to protect and restore biodiversity.

To become a Climate Positive company and make a commitment to following the Paris Agreement's most challenging goals. This entails reducing our emissions as much as possible, and engaging in activities that remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we contribute.

Shop to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

To adopt materials-science breakthroughs and to decrease the use of non-renewable resources which will help future-proof the textile industry, and the Earth.

Shop to help futureproof the the textile industry.

To create a genuinely circular value chain by extending the lifespan of our products and resources, and by cutting down on waste, viewing it as a raw material.

Shop to remove waste from our environment.

To respect human rights, promoting fair, safe, and honourable employment, and fostering constructive change in our communities.

Shop to make a positive impact.

By contributing to and getting involved with charity, social, and environmental initiatives, we support local communities who help to make Collect happen.

Shop to support communities worldwide.

From childhood hikes with my dad, I learned the ropes of what makes stellar carry gear. This passion didn't just stay in the mountains; it followed me to the city streets, sparking a realisation: urban bags lacked the functionality I knew was possible.

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Time to stand for (climate) change.