• Location: Netherlands & China
  • Established: 2007
  • Employees: 100

Waste2Wear have been on a mission to relieve the Earth of our plastic problem since 2007, doing so by innovating fabrics made from recycled waste using traceable and transparent supply chains.

Their vision is simple:

« To use plastic as a viable, eco-friendly and sustainable resource and offer solutions to the plastic waste problem in order to save planet Earth. »

Waste2wear’s initiative began initially on land but since 2018 they also work closely with NGOs, Universities and local Chinese governments collecting ocean plastics.

Together they created an initiative in which waste pickers and former fishermen could increase their livelihood by collecting plastic waste from the ocean, waterways and coastal areas.

Discover the ocean plastic project

Award-winning services.

Waste2Wear's award winning blockchain is a tamper-proof supply chain traceability system using technology that records all the steps of the recycling and production process from plastic waste to product.

We use this traceability system in the production of our ocean plastic fabric.

What does that mean for me?

The rPET Recycling Assurance Test is an award-winning, patent-pending testing method developed by Waste2Wear that identifies recycled plastic content in yarns and fabrics.

This allows us to guarantee that our fabric is made from recycled content.

What does that mean for me?


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