All EDC sling bags are made from recycled ocean waste, create jobs for the fishermen who collected it, and are CO2 positive.


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Sling bag, waist bag, hip bag, fanny pack, ...

Whatever you call them, they've undeniably become an integral part of our daily carry.

These compact carriers are ideal for a less-is-more lifestyle, replacing bulky backpacks and purses. Originating from animal skin pouches used by ancient hunters and warriors, they've evolved into modern essentials. Notably, Ötiz the Iceman, dating back to 3350 BC, was found with a leather sling bag.

Today, sustainable sling bags, made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, lead the trend. EDC (Everyday Carry) sling bags, designed for daily essentials, combine durability with practicality, featuring multiple compartments for organized, on-the-go living.

As the sling bag evolved, it adapted to the demands of everyday life, leading to a diverse range of styles including sustainable and EDC sling bags.

Sustainable sling bags stand out for their eco-friendly materials and production, reducing environmental impact.

EDC sling bags prioritise functionality and durability, perfect for daily use.

Their benefits include sustainability, with a lower ecological footprint; durability, featuring strong materials with water and tear resistance; and convenience, offering an easy way to carry essentials without the bulk of a backpack or purse.

Whether for environmental consciousness or everyday practicality, a sustainable or EDC sling bag is an excellent choice.