Where it all began.


I'm Benjamin, founder of Collect Paris.

Since the pandemic hit, I've been working remotely and constantly in need of carry gear that will keep me productive and efficient when I'm out and about.

We live our lives at 100km/h. We need gear that can keep up.

But Collect began long before that.

As a kid, I'd go hiking every year with my Dad, and that's where my passion for backpacks and carry gear began. I learned what makes a good backpack and noticed the incredible functionality of hiking gear.

But as I started spending more time in the city, I realised that most city backpacks lacked any functionality at all.

This got me thinking...

« There's a real need for bags that make it easier to stay productive while we're on the move. »

So I got to work.

At 17, I taught myself leather-working. I started creating purses, wallets, iPad covers and belts at my kitchen table that I’d sell to my teachers and friends' parents at school.

Early business was going well, so I decided to move Paris to study fashion design at L'école de la Chambre Syndicale and turn this into more than a hobby. During this time, I had to put everything on hold as my sewing machine wouldn't fit in my suitcase, let alone my studio.


In 2020, I transitioned to remote work, but staying organised and productive while on the move proved challenging. I'm still constantly seeking the right tools that keep me on top of my game.

So, with my background in fashion design, digital marketing, and FinTech, I reimagined my hobby into Collect Paris – gear designed for modern life's speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

Portability. Productivity. Sustainability.

I've spent the last few years studying, dissecting, and reverse engineering renowned carry goods of all sizes, across 100's of brands - everything they do, how they do it, and how it's received - to figure out what makes you fall in love with a bag.

That unconditional and irrevocable kinda love.

(You know the one.)

16 mountains hiked, a worldwide pandemic, and a few uni degrees later, Collect is born.

Collect is not just functional carry gear; it's a solution to simplify our fast-paced lives while preserving our devastated environment.

This commitment is reflected in our name: all our products are made from waste that we collect.

I was very lucky to be able to hike with my Dad in such crazily beautiful, natural places. I hope that that one day you’ll be able to experience that same natural beauty for yourself.