Length (not including clasp)

4 1.5

Width (not including clasp)

4 1.5





Water resistant: what does it mean?

Water resistant is a term we use to describe our products that are able to withstand the effects of water, either in terms of light splashes or longer-term exposure.

Water resistant items typically have coatings or treatments applied to them to protect them from the effects of water. These treatments are designed to repel water and keep it away from the item, ensuring that it is not damaged or affected by the liquid.

We design our sling bags & accessories so that you can be caught out in the rain and not worry about your gear inside, but water-resistant material can only stand up to so much rain.

If you’re doing more hardcore stuff, like backpacking during a monsoon, or trekking the Amazon rainforest, you’ll probably want to take cover.