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Turning Tides: New Sustainable Bag Brand Takes on Ocean Plastic Pollution


Paris, 15/03/2024 – Addressing the global concern of plastic waste, Collect Paris has announced its official launch, promising not only a functional solution for everyday carry but also a direct answer to the overwhelming plastic pollution affecting our oceans.

Rooted in sustainability and innovation, Collect's debut collection features sling bags & accessories made from recycled ocean plastic, verified by blockchain, each piece echoing the brand's core mission. 

"With every bag purchased, customers aren't just choosing quality and functionality. They're taking a stand against environmental degradation and supporting sustainable alternatives," said Benjamin Hamilton, the visionary behind the brand.


Highlights from the Brand’s Journey:



To date, the brand's Ocean Collect Project has successfully removed 10,000kg of plastic waste from the world's oceans, partnering with Waste2Wear’s Ocean Fabric Initiative to transform waste into wearable solutions. Each bag is made from this collected waste.


Beyond addressing environmental concerns, the initiative supports waste pickers and former fishermen in polluted areas, offering them an opportunity to supplement their income and championing community upliftment.


Collect's approach to production is as pioneering as its mission, using 86% less water, 75% less CO2, and 70% less energy than non-recycled fabrics.

The brand’s launch is timely, given the exponential rise in plastic production. "From the deepest ocean to our very lungs, we’re drowning in plastic. Our mission is to turn the tide, one bag at a time," remarked Benjamin Hamilton.

For those eager to join this movement, Collect's bags are now available to order directly on their website. The brand further incentivises community participation with a referral program, empowering customers to advocate for the cause and receive benefits in return.

Press and media inquiries can be directed to Benjamin Hamilton directly.


About Collect Paris

Collect is a sustainable bag brand founded on the principle of marrying functionality with environmental responsibility. Using recycled ocean plastics to craft high-quality sling bags & accessories, the brand endeavours to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable consumer choices. Partnering with global initiatives, Collect champions a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.



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